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Clinical Information, Diagnosing, MRI

These Consultations are about being a better clinician. They contain information on MRI, Advanced Imaging, and physical examination. There are many occasions that I will do a GoTo Meeting Session with a doctor to review MRI. Learn more about all these things in this section.

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Extruded Disc 02-08-2015 Written by Dr. William J Owens 250
Teleseminars 03-30-2014 Written by Dr. William J Owens 166
Binders, Sensory Evoked Potentials, Continuing Medical Education 02-15-2013 Written by Dr. William J Owens 384
Consultation #43 01-06-2011 370
Chiropractic and Clinical Practice Guidelines 11-28-2010 404
Consultation #12 08-04-2010 Written by Dr. William J Owens 524
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