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CV & Credentials

Your Curriculum Vitae is your professional “story” and outlines your credentials. Your CV is the easiest way for another profession to “get to know you” and is a powerful tool to show off your training and expertise.  Post-Graduate training is a critical component of your marketability and without this document you are a single grain in a sea of sand. Learn why the CV is important and why spending your Continuing Education dollars in the right place can fill your office with MD referrals for the life of your practice. Many patients are searching for doctors and VERY few have an updated CV posted online for the public to view.  Credentials and experience are much more powerful than a website or fancy logo. This section will teach you WHY and give you the tools to build your CV and increase the members of the community that view it.  This section also contains information on creating a medical resident rotation in your office to promote chiropractic and your expertise.

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