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Program and Office Infrastructure

This is the place to start. Much of what you will learn in this area will help you both in the marketing and business side of your practice. Getting staff buy in and setting a foundation for the concepts you will learn along the way is important.  The core principles for the program are listed here and they will teach you how to make sure that as you grow your practice will be able to handle the new patient flow and the increased need for communication with the medical community.  Simple items such as basic communication with the MD, creating a database of MD contacts, how to maintain control of the process without getting overloaded, specific Action Steps to get maintain growth and the MAGIC LANGUAGE to use to get MDs to refer.


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Sending Reports 03-19-2013 864
Why NOT the PUBLIC 02-22-2013 822
Anatomy of the Research Binder 02-15-2013 1107
Program Infrastructure - #37 02-12-2013 792
MD Database Creation 02-11-2013 Written by Dr. William J Owens 1109
Elite Concierge Services 02-11-2013 Written by Dr. William J Owens 1307
Program Outline 02-09-2013 937
Why the MD Doesn’t Know 12-04-2012 838
Getting Invited to Consult 11-24-2012 839
Dont Lose Momentum 08-01-2012 738
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