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Spinal Nerve Placement in the Foraminal Canal - MD Referral Program 

Have you wondered why patients with large disc herniations may have normal reflexes and only subtle loss of strength?  It seems that it would be a slam dunk neurological examination that could be read out of any textbook, however it doesn’t always work like that.  One of the main reasons, particularly in the lumbar spine is the PLACEMENT of the spinal nerve in the neuroforaminal canal.  This is a TEXTBOOK version of what is NOT TEXTBOOK!  Here are some screenshots, but I encourage you to go listen to the entire review of the film, it is about 12 minutes long.  Here are some screen shots.   The link to this video is posted on Consultation #292 in the Member Portal.  The narration on this will help you a lot.  The TOP set is with a slice through the disc herniation, the bottom images are a slice through where the spinal nerve is sitting.  This is WHY you can have significant disc injury and minimal spinal nerve involvement. INTERESTING HUH??
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