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Fellowship - Spinal Biomechanics and Trauma 

William J Owens Jr DC DAAMLP CPC

“If you do NOT have a plan, you are part of someone else’s”

The following is a breakdown of how you can complete the Fellowship Rotations in under one year.  This is of course AFTER the Trauma Team certification.  Here is how it breaks down, if you need more time you can modify this, however it starts with setting a goal for the actual rotation, then working backwards.

There are eight rotations total with four of them having two days – a clinical observational day and a procedural day.  If you take the eight rotations and set a goal of doing one every 6 weeks, it will take you 48 weeks [just under a year] to complete. There are 178 research papers to review, one of them being a mini-book on MRI Physics.  That over a 48 week period requires you to read and review fifteen papers per month or 3-4 per week.  The two year goal for completing is obviously going to cut the work load in half but will double the time. 

My suggestion for 2019 is to buy a desktop calendar [the cheap paper kind] and plot out goals for yourself on the rotations.  This is sort of a “wish list”, since you will still have to secure the rotations, but it will keep you on track with the readings.  It will also allow you to look ahead 3-4 weeks when calling the MDs to schedule the rotations.  DO THAT AHEAD OF TIME, do NOT wait to schedule that until you are done with the papers.  Most rotations will take a while to get set. 


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