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Good afternoon,


Many of you are taking advantage of the MRI review process with me. This is been a very successful endeavor, it's always great to talk clinical diagnosis and MRI. However, out of the last 20 clients I have sent to review MRIs with, 18 of them have had issues with the MRI Company’s software, or their computer.  These issues encompass not understanding the Goto Meeting technology, not being trained on the MRI company’s software (THE REPS WILL HELP YOU - JUST ASK), not being able to share their screen, or a myriad of problems that continue to prohibit us from instantly sharing information. The reason this occurs is mainly because the computer you're on is greater than two years old. The second most common issue is that you're NOT updating the operating system or your web browsers on a regular basis. Aside from major security risks of all your personal information, you're not keeping up with technology. You can buy a chrome book online for a few hundred dollars, there's no reason to not have an updated computer, especially if you're using a PC. Technology is a very important part of being efficient and you need to spend as much time managing and tending to your technology as you do the other aspects of your office.


In order to make this more efficient for everybody I am not going to be able to make myself available to review MRIs online with you if you're on a computer that is older than two years. The technology has evolved and it simply is not going to work and it will frustrate you because it will waste your time. If you have an older computer from a privacy security and efficiency process I urge you to upgrade.  Many of the software companies no longer support outdated hardware and systems due to security risks for their entire platforms.  UPGRADE.  



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