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Clinical Consultation - PRE and POST FUSION, what to say to the Surgeon 


From:  William J Owens Jr DC DAAMLP



If you were at the Primary Spine Care Symposium #6 this past weekend in New York, you heard a lot about working with spine surgeons and how that can EXPLODE your practice.  The following was sent to me from Dr. Eric Lee in Salt Lake City, UT and his work with the Neurosurgeon.  This patent was undergoing fusion surgery for the SECOND TIME due to improper biomechanical alignment from the first surgery.  YES…SPINAL ALIGNMENT MATTERS TO SURGEONS!  I had presented the most recent research related to this issue, it is being published in spine surgery journal and is the #1 conversation related to surgical outcomes in patients that have failed conservative care. This is the discussion you need to be having to START your relationship with the spine surgeon, once they “get it” then you discuss how to implement a proper triage system between your offices.  If you need more information on this, please watch Surgeon as Advocate at the following link,



There is also a Podcast at The Science of Chiropractic titled, “Pelvic Incidence Angle - working with the Surgeon”  that will also help you, if you have not listened to it yet.   Here is the link BUT you will have to log in as this is the Members Only Podcast.




Here are the details of this Consultation.  Dr. Lee has been discussing PRIOR assessment for biomechanical pathology, THAT is where the collaboration between a spine surgeon and a credentialed chiropractic should be…DIAGNOSIS FIRST!

"Look at L2-3 posterior disc height and angle. Dr. Edwards had to re do a bad surgery and after talking biomechanical problems he elect to change the degree of the fusion.  Now look at L2-3 with a better angle. He bent the fusion plate prior to placing it. Really good posterior gap and he told the patient i can manage the spine from here on out.” - DR ERIC LEE

 spine 1


spine 2



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