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URGENT Consultation 

From:  William J Owens Jr DC DAAMLP


If you have talked with or listed to me, you know that I have been very upfront about how the national landscape is changing positively for chiropractic.  I have said repeatedly that the CHIROPRACTIC CHESS BOARD is being laid out and its getting organized.  I have also said that in the next 5-10 years 80% of the chiropractors in the USA will be WORKING FOR the 20% that have the credentials and have worked their way INTO the system.  Those systems are either University based healthcare, hospital conglomerates or large surgical groups.  I LOOSE SLEEP wondering if you will feel the sense of urgency as well…In fact, I probably care MORE about it than you at this point…that is because I am working on the INSIDE of what the medical community is doing and see first hand out medical academia is positioning itself to embrace chiropractic.  I am predicting that in 5 years the days of chiropractors marketing to the public directly for patients will be reduced by 80% as most patients will be INSIDE an Academic or Corporate healthcare structure.  


Chiropractic will be a HUGE part of those systems however only the best of the best clinically will be invited to take part at the highest levels, the rest will be “Worker Bees”.   I understand that not everyone can be a leader and there is only so much room for those positions, HOWEVER, I am most worried that less credentials chiropractors will BEAT you to the punch…It is happening everyone and it is happening fast.  What will happen is these systems will start pulling your patient’s away and practices will dwindle.  This is what happened to a client of mine in OH, and here is his response, this is a TEXT conversation.  We are working with a COMPETING hospital group, HOWEVER this is lucky.  There is NO BETTER TIME than now to get credentialed…get HOSPITAL QUALIFIED, GET PRIMARY SPINE CARE QUALIFIED, become a TRAUMA TEAM MEMBER and go through the FELLOWSHIP.  No longer is this a luxury, it is a necessity.  I take your success very seriously...



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