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From:  William J Owens Jr DC DAAMLP

Good morning, 

Over the weekend I had sent an email outlining the Grand Rounds that will take place on Thursdays at 12:30pm EDT,  9:30 PST.  There will be a formal email this week to give you the GOTOWEBINAR link to attend.  These WILL BE RECODED and POSTED TO THE MD SITE.  The Grand Rounds is open to ALL of chiropractic HOWEVER the benefit to membership in the MD Referral Program is that you will have access to the Recorded Library, research to support the clinical decision making and detailed analysis on how to use these cases to MARKET to the MD and the LAWYER.  Members will also have access to a typed transcript of the Grand Rounds as well as a posted POD-CAST of the presentation.  I have worked very hard to bring all aspects of media to the education process, text, video and audio.  That will allow you to get the information as fast as possible and in a format that you will be most comfortable with.  
IF YOU WANT TO INTERACT (ask questions and make comments), which I encourage you to do…you will need a MICROPHONE on your computer OR you must dial into the Conference Number provided in the GoToWebinar tool bar.  Please, if you are attending, be on the conference 15 minutes ahead of time to ensure you can fix any issues prior to its start.  I will be starting ON TIME.   Here are the details again.  


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