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This consultation was posted by Dr. Studin in the Lawyers PI program.  I thought it was GREAT information and with his premission, I have passed it on.

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"Getting Hospital Privileges and Creating a Chiropractic Department"

Over the years, I have worked with many doctors and helped them gain inclusion into hospitals. In addition, many of my friends are hospital administrators and medical directors which has helped me gain insight into the system and the process. In addition, in 2006, I took a practice and was able to secure a place in the emergency room and create a high level of referrals with the hospital's blessings; they wanted more of us. At that time, I was able to create the entire program and system, but never got to realize one referral from it as I walked away from the process due to an investigation of my personal lobbyist in my state's capitol, uncovering that my partners in this exercise were not the most ethical people on a project that was not related to my practice or the hospital. As a result, I walked away from the entire process; this is a story for another consultation.

The issue: I am very intimate with what it takes to secure hospital inclusion both from my own experience and from helping others. The first piece of advice I give you is a WARNING. This is perhaps one of the best ways to build your practice and accomplish what all of us want, to have a permanent referral program that is ethical and ongoing. HOWEVER, this will consume your entire focus for perhaps the entire time you have the relationship and you will now have to answer to a beaurocracy that will be scrutinizing every action, movement and word that comes from you. You will be dealing with hundreds of other personalities in the hospital that will define you as much as your work will. In essence, much of hospital life is similar to junior high school in gossip and backstabbing...Sad but true. With that said, this is a powerful way to help people that otherwise would never be able to access chiropractic care or understand what it is that we do.


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