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From:  William J Owens Jr DC DAAMLP

Getting Started vs Advanced Work 


There is a division between “Getting Started” and “Advanced Work” when it comes to building relationships with the medical communities.  That is based on which doors are the easiest to open, take the least amount of your time and are the easiest to prepare.  Others are the direct opposite, they take significant “connections”, time to prepare and hit the right window and require advanced knowledge of how the medical system works.  I try to work all of these at the same time at this point, however when you are getting started you have to grab the “low handing fruit” first. Let’s take a look at the “Getting Started” aspect of working with the medical community. 

The “Getting Started” level STARTS with the Primary Care Physicians of the patients you are already seeing, then steps to the medical specialists that are treating your patients, then progresses to the Surgeon that is seeing your patients.  Once you have a marketing program and can effectively communicate with them, then we look to do the same outreach to those professionals that are NOT treating any of your patients.  The latter is the “Advanced” part of the “Getting Started” stage of the program. 

The “Advanced Work” stage includes marketing to the Urgent Care Centers, Emergency Room Departments, preparing a presentation to a local hospital, providing educational rounds to medical or osteopathic students and building a network of like-minded DCs in your area to essentially “close down” the referrals regionally to a group that YOU pick.  It is WAY easier to be successful in getting medical referrals when you build your own system in a similar fashion.  Working the program in this way helps you to achieve success early on, build your knowledge base and understand how to respond to the questions the medical community has for you.

It is easy to get excited about the “Advanced Work” level and to be in Hospitals, Urgent Care Centers and Emergency Departments and miss the beginning building blocks are critically important.  To start with the “Getting Started” stage, this is what you need.  If you have it, hit the streets and reach out to the PCP, if not set a time for me to help you get them together. 




1:  CV – on the, in the proper format and printed out. 

2:  Initial Patient Evaluation – this MUST be a complete E/M evaluation, NOT a summary or other “made up” stuff that chiropractors always do.  This can also be a patient re-evaluation. If you have not had me review your evaluations DO NOT SHOW THEM TO A PCP.  A bad note is the easiest way to ruin your reputation OR worse, get lumped in with physical therapists and massage therapists.  I recommend HAND DELIVERING and starting with the ADMINISTRATIVE APPROACH, if you do not understand that in detail, watch Provider vs Administrative Approach in the Video Library – you can search the video section by Keyword. 

3:  Bimonthly Flyers – bring ONE of these flyers with your report and CV to the PCP office.  Remember, in the Administrative Approach you do NOT need to meet the doctors, but need to showcase your expertise.  That is why we start this way, after that we focus on the front desk staff.   These are the flyers that you need to use, but again BRING ONE, this will give you 9 visits to the PCP office, since we visit every 3-4 weeks you can use this to develop a program that will last 27-36 weeks!  


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