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{PATIENT FULL NAME} is a patient who was involved in a motor vehicle collision on {DATE OF ACCIDENT}. Following conservative treatment involving spinal manipulation {PATIENT NAME} continues to experience {SYMPTOMS}.


The patient stated on his visit today {CURRENT FULL SUBJETIVE COMPLAINT}.


Imaging taken {DATE} displays {PATIENTS IMAGING FINDINGS}. At this time a small nerve pain fiber conduction study was ordered to determine an accurate diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan for further care. 


Due to the results of the pain fiber nerve conduction study, treatment will now be directed to {PATIENT NAME}  {PFNCS FINDINGS}. The study results allow for manipulative treatment to be directed to vertebral areas with abnormal motion due to proprioceptive dyskinesia. If the patients pain pattern should persist, a referral for a neuro-selective nerve block will be considered and this test is required to determine the exact level of lesion.


I have reviewed the details of the study with the patient. 










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