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From:  William J Owens Jr DC DAAMLP

I received this from Dr. Mark Lesko in TX.  Mark has made the commitment to be the best of the best and it shows.  He is now taking on a leadership role in spine care and is practice is growing with it.  These types of opportunities are CREATED with credentials and hard work.  GREAT JOB MARK. 

Wanted to fill you in on some good stuff. I spent the day again today with the neurosurgeon who is having MD lecture sponsored. I will now be spending every other Tuesday at his office, always pick up 3-4 patients when I am there. He told me that his partner moved, so he has a 300+ patient list that has to be contacted to get in to his office for follow-up. I was asked if I and my staff could help him to get it done and wants me there as he visits with and triages them, assured me that I would be receiving “ dozens and dozens” of patients from this “project”.  He offered to pay my staff for the phone time in getting patients scheduled at his office, told him we would absolutely help him with his “project”. 
While there today, I received a text from my front desk coordinator that the surgeons hardware rep wanted to know if it was alright if he invited another family practice doc to the dinner in 2 days - you know what my answer was! Turns out this "addition” works for a LARGE city-wide group, so hoping that this opens doors for more exposure. Can’t wait to do my NEXT lecture and I haven’t done the first one yet. I will be channeling my inner BILL. BTW, one of the sponsors was blown away by the fact that I was able to award CME credits, even more so when I explained that it was through your faculty position at the medical school.
Mark Lesko DC
Spinal Biomechanics and Trauma Fellow in Training
Academy of Chiropractic - Active Trauma Team Member
Chiropractor / Clinic Director
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