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#7 Marketing, Branding and Entrepreneurship

Communication is the KEY 

From:  William J Owens Jr DC DAAMLP

Good morning everyone,

I received this from Dr. Dave Packer in Virginia. When it comes to being an EXPERT in spine care,  it's not just about how you talk about yourself it's what you know. This is a great example of using information learned through the Academy of Chiropractic to build relationships. Remember it's not always just about getting the referral, it's about coordinating Carrie. This primary care physician will remember Dr. Packer and see him as a true resource in patient care. NEVER be afraid to be on the phone with MDs. If you do NOT know what he is talking about, visit and review the syllabus for MRI Spine Interpretation. Great job Dave!

"Pretty awesome. Had a PCP call me about an MRI I suggested for a patient I am treating and at end of conversation she said she would be sure to order 3mm slices no gap. Just having those conversations positioned me as expert in the spine."


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