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Initial Reports to the MD – the #1 marketing tool at your disposal

Academic Marketing is AGAIN proving to be the single best approach to building realtionships between you office and the medical community.  It is successsful because it is information based, patient centered and non-“salesie”.  It provides a fun and “not like the others” type of approach to your outreach marketing.  We have lots of different things to help us such as Chiropractic White Papers [ex:  Chiropractic Reduces Opoids by 55% - posted on the Member Portal], Bimonthly Flyers, your CV, seminar and certificate updates and patient reports.  What we really try to do is mix it up a bit, not always taking a White Paper or a Flyer, but try to match the item to the MD office.  One of the best items to take is the NEW PATIENT evaluation along with your CV as an introduction.  This serves a few distinct purposes, let take a look at each on in detail.

Create a Compliant Reporting System – this is one of the most important aspects since there is NO WAY you have the guts to hand a crappy report to a patient medical doctor!  This is sometimes the kick in the pants that you need to GET ER DONE!   If you need help or want a SAMPLE of what a REAL report looks like, go to the MEMBER PORTAL and scroll to posting #196.  That report in my EMR takes 8-12 minutes AND the best part is you can have an assitant do it for you! 

Showcases the Comprehensiveness of your Evaluation – many MDs have little to no exposure to chiropractors or chiropracTIC and therefore have NO IDEA what we do or how we are trained.  There is NO better way to show off your expertise than to provide this level of reporting along with your CV.  First make sure you have a GREAT report, then share it with the patients medical doctors.  That included Primary Care and Medical Specialists. For the first 2-3 times, I do suggest HAND DELIVERING it not mailing or faxing.  Hand delivering it gives you the opportunity to meet people and build relationships.  Faxing or mailing never does that…EVER.

Shows the MD that you ALREADY HAVE THEIR PATIENT – I love this part.  My attitude is “I already have your patient so I am not here to pander for referrals”!  That is a powerful mental position to be in and it works.  It is particularly important when the MD believes that the patient was fixed at THEIR office, but is unaware that they sought relief in mine after what the MD did failed to work.

Coordination of Care – this is a great BUZZ WORD and is becoming a common reason to reach our to other providers.  Use these WORDS “I am here to help coordinate Ms. [PATIENT NAME]’s care with Dr. [USE PROVIDER NAME], and I have a report and my crentials to share with the office”




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