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MD Referrals and Hospital Privileges

When you are looking to build relationships with the medical community, it can be helpful to have staff privileges at the local hospitals.  Now keep in mind, depending where you live, this process may be fraught with politics and up-hill battles.  Always understand, however, that hospitals are struggling like everyone else and love to get referrals for on-site procedures. These may include MRI, CT, ultrasound, nuclear medicine or electodiagnostic testing.  This creates a great opportunity.  Remember, the goal is to get as many people under chiropractic care as possible and this is one way to get invited into a circle of providers that most chiropractors never get to. 

I speak with many chiropractors across the country and there are many that have staff privileges, but do not leverage that position.  This is a great way to jump start the MD Program in a large group with minimal effort.  The key here is to understand that these MDs almost always have private clinics outside the office, but the hospital is common ground.  Many times the MDs will be surprised that you are on staff which is a great time to introduce yourself.   

When starting out, understand that you don’t need to be credentialed at every hospital in your area and like I mentioned previously, not all will necessarily be offering anyway.  You may hear things like, “Our bylaws do not allow chiropractors on staff.”  If that is the case, MOVE ON and just take the opportunity that is available. 

To get started, what you need to do is have your staff call the hospital and ask for the “credentialing department.”  He/she will be put in touch with the department and then should simply say,“I am calling from Dr. [Your Name]’s office and would like to have a credentialing packet sent to us.”  That is it.  There are only 2 answers, YES and NO. 


Now, for a little bit of background on the hospital world...Just like any corporation (for profit or non-profit), each hospital is governed by a list of bylaws.  These were established ahead of time and are used to chart a course through the business environment so that everyone is on the same page.  Changes to the bylaws require a vote by the board of the hospital. The board has many, many things to deal with when it meets and getting an item on the agenda is the trick.  Once it is on the agenda, presenting your side of the issue is critical.  It all comes down to support and value.  It’s not about chiropractic or outcomes or community service.  It is about MONEY.  How can you support the hospital and the services it provides?  In today’s healthcare environment, most facilities are looking for referrals and you can provide them if you know what providers are on the premises. 

Within the hospital community, there are multiple levels of providers that can be good contacts.  The easiest and most common forum for you to be seen at is the quarterly staff meetings.  If you are credentialed and have never been to a staff meeting, this is a golden opportunity to show up and introduce yourself.  Make sure you are always there for a discussion about how you are “supporting the hospital and the community.” That is the language…ALWAYS!   “Thank you for allowing me to be here.  I am looking forward to supporting the hospital.”  When your mindset includes helping others, you will be surprised how fast you can grow.  It is a big perpetual cycle when you are involved with an ethical and cooperative referral base; you support them and they support you. 


Opportunities for involvement include:

1. Staff meetings

2. Grand rounds

3. ER visitations

4. Orthopedic and neurosurgical intern presentations

This is not an overnight process and it takes time to find the right people, but once you do, the system is on autopilot.  That is the purpose of the MD Referral Program, to meet other providers and then have a reason to keep going back to them.  You keep going back until one of two things happen; one, they support you, or two, they don’t! That is why you keep evolving and growing your MD grid and reaching out to new offices.   


If you are interested in learning more about leveraging hospital privileges, please call me at 716-228-3847 and I will be happy to guide you. 

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