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#1 Program and Office Infrastructure


#7 The Educational Process and Becoming a Resource

Whether you are speaking with patients, lawyers or medical doctors, you have to realize that they are all sizing you up!  They may be asking general questions, but what they are really thinking is, "Does this doctor REALLY know his/her stuff?"  Understanding chiropractic goes without saying, but what about understanding the body and the reserach that proves what we do works?  We all know that starting a relationship takes some time and when we meet someone new, we don't sit and tell them our life stories all at once.  The same can be said when we are educating the medical community and promoting ourselves as expert resources.  If you noticed, the first 10 bimonthly summaries are geared toward general musculoskeletal conditions.  This is done on purpose.  It sets the foundation for a long term relationship which once created, allows us the chance to get into more detail on chiropractic and why it is unique. 

When you are starting the program, do not jump into the most recent bimonthly summaries. Instead, start with #1.  I am presently adding a second review to each of the bimonthly fliers for the MD to give to his/her patients.  This can also be used in your office for patients to share with their families.  The information is obtained from peer reviewed medically indexed reserach journals.  Please make sure that you also read the article on which each bimonthly flier is based...You will be educated as well.  This is the easiest way to become familiar with published research.  If you want to obtain the articles, please email the program coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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