New patient referrals to our clients: 797,412 Referrals as of 12/14/2018

There will be no more consultations until we get into offices to produce RESULTS. THIS IS A HANDS ON PROGRAM…We now have a foundation in place to get you an UNLIMITED amount of referrals on a weekly basis.
I have 75 MDs on my marketing grid for this month. Some of these are in group practices, so I will be visiting about 10 offices per week, as will my staff members. Based on a 5 minute hi/hello and dropping off information, my time commitment outside of driving is about 1 HOUR of face to face time per week. That is all being done on ONE DAY in the AM…I am doing ONE lunch per week…That takes about 2 hours. So…the TOTAL time commitment outside of travel for my MD marketing campaign is 3 HOURS per week for me and 3 HOURS per week for a staff member to get my clinic and CV in front of 75 MDs within a 10 mile radius of my office. Driving time is minimal since every MD is within 10 miles of my office.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Insurance to continue to cut rates? Managed care requirements to increase and require you to drive a bicycle to the office? OR…a constant flow of new patients coming from SOLID referral sources building a practice that you can bring an associate into, allowing you more time with your family? Guys…there is no trick…Smart marketing requires effort, BUT it will pay huge dividends in the VERY near future.

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