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There is quite a bit of talk in the chiropractic community about chiropractic and the ACO [Accountable Care Organizations] and the Affordable Care Act [ACA aka ObamaCare].  This consultation is not about what an ACO is or how it fits into the ACA, but more about what YOU need to do to be able to take advantage of it.  If you are interested in what the ACO is you can click on this link The current situation is with Medicare patients as you will see, but the idea is that IF and I say IF this works it will play a larger role in the greater healthcare system.  There is A LOT of talk about ACO from our organizations both national and local but in my experience NONE of these groups are talking about HOW you get to be involved in an ACO.  
Since the definition of an ACO is medical [local MDs or Hospitals], the chiropractor has to get to know and be accepted by MDs in his/her community.  There will be NO SIGNS that say chiropractor hired, BUT in my experience as well as a review of the scientific literature, the spinal component of medical care is lacking.  The ACO is predicated on success across the board in all areas of healthcare not just cardiac, endocrine etc.  So the MDs MUST have a doctor that understands the issues and can lead.  That is precisely where chiropractic comes in HOWEVER, most MDs have no idea what chiropractors can do or who is out there that is good.  That is where the MD Relationship Program is all about…YOU CANNOT GET INVITED IN UNLESS THEY KNOW WHO YOU ARE…When they get to know you they must see you as a leader and a teacher.  That is why all the program has research and CE available for you to build relationships with the medical community…You never know the implications of what you do today…even if you got nothing more out of the MD community than constant patient referrals that would not be bad at all…
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